Hello and welcome to BryanSchell.com! This site is an ongoing personal project and will change while I'm teaching myself css and cool program-y things. Please feel free to explore and learn about me by checking out my collection of written works on the internet, my blog, or my resume.

Apologies for the mess and the unfinished nature of this site. Right now, the only working links you'll find are the home, blog, about, writing, and resume links on the sidebar and the social media/contact links on the bottom. If you have any ideas or tips, please don't hesistate to contact me!

Recent Updates


I've added corners! Thanks to this tutorial, I was able to add tables on the top and bottom of the main column that have images that round off the corners. I believe nice little touches like this make a site look good.

With the help of Pixlr, an online photo editor (I don't have Photoshop - I'm poor!), I was able to turn the above image into the beautiful image below:

Don't see anything? That's because it's a white quarter-circle on a transparent background. It's there, though.

The more obvious change is of course the background. This site may see a few more background changes before I settle on something I like. Nice picture though...

I am more than open to feedback, comments and tips for my site. Please email me. I have a few ideas, but I'll need to teach myself some more stuff.

Firstly, I'd like to add some more color to the site, while still maintaining the pencil-drawn feel. I'm thinking about having the buttons change to color versions when hovered over. Example:

I also want to do something with the social media buttons below. I'm thinking about making a social media "box" that previews my latest twitter or google+ updates when that particular button is hovered over.

(My sketch of this idea to come soon.)

Of course, to change the img src on a hover, I'm going to need to incorporate some javascript into this site... something I'm excited to do (and to learn)!